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RSE - Social Responsability

Our policy of hiring talent, suppliers and allies promotes the hiring of nationals.

In all our processes We seek to help in the generation of employment within our country and as an important part of this, We seek that the national offer is above the scores by giving greater value to the Colombian national offer. Our cultural promotion processes and structure will always seek to prioritize local talent in every process.

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National Talent First

We recognize in our local talent the best option for our events.

Permanent promotion

We grow together, promote local talent nationally and internationally.

Employment generation

Our country needs businessmen to help generate work at the local level.

Support for entrepreneurs

Local entrepreneurship needs allies who energize and believe in their projects.


All our processes are clean and in accordance with ecological and biosafety standards. We ensure that paper consumption within our offices is minimal and we ensure that we work with companies that invoice electronically. We also monitor all safe and ecological processes in our events, taking care of the places we visit and observing our suppliers and allies comply with current regulations. We also have a biosafety protocol that ensures the health conditions of our clients, partners and talent.

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